Art21 in new media partnership with SF/Arts

Art21 is pleased to announce a new media partnership with SF/Arts over the next year featuring contemporary artists who work in and hail from the San Francisco Bay Area. The partnership intends to bring greater attention and a deeper understanding of the scope and impact of visual art and artists in the region. 

“Art21 is excited to collaborate with SF/Arts in our shared missions to expand access to contemporary art through a partnership highlighting the contributions and cultural influence of artists from the San Francisco Bay Area,” says Tina Kukielski, Art21 Susan Sollins Executive Director and Chief Curator. “From Richard Serra to Matthew Barney, Bay Area artists have had a transformative impact on the canon that deserves recognition.”

“SF/Arts is excited to team up with Art21 as this partnership provides an exceptional opportunity to underscore the significance of San Francisco Bay Area artists,” says Geraldine O’Brien, SF/Arts publisher. “This partnership aligns perfectly with SF/Arts’ mission and allows us to connect with the artists and communities we support in innovative and engaging ways, creating a bridge through film to the vibrant artistic landscape of our region.”

The partnership will launch with “Bodies of Knowledge” artist and San Francisco native Tauba Auerbach.  Interested in the relationships between materials, ideas, and people, Auerbach examines connective tissues and structures using a wide variety of materials and processes. Their practice weaves bodily craft traditions with abstract theory to create drawings, paintings, sculptures, and more that expand our comprehension of how the world is structured and connected. 

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IMAGE: Production clips from the Art in the Twenty-First Century Season 11 episode, “Bodies of Knowledge.” © Art21, Inc. 2023.