LightWork: Free Zoom Lecture “How to Watch a Solar Eclipse”

Join Us For A FREE Zoom Lecture!How To Watch A Solar Eclipse with Jason Lazarus

Open to members and non-members!

In anticipation of the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse–the last total solar eclipse in the lower 48 states until 2044, HOW TO WATCH A SOLAR ECLIPSE will touch on vision and visibility, poetry and poetics, art, history, science, intergenerational intimacy, and access. and particularly speak to artists and art students, interdisciplinary thinkers, and dreamers as well–everyone is invited. The lecture concludes with an invitation to participate in a public art project that endeavors to become the world’s largest archive of used handmade solar eclipse viewers–each one named by the name, age, and location of each project participant. The collection, to be titled April 8, 2024, is designed to become a safety net for those who might otherwise toss their viewers in the trash. All participants who donate a used solar eclipse viewer will receive a free signed artist thank-you print celebrating the eclipse!
 Click Here To Register!Light Work will be a collection site for used eclipse viewers after April 8th. 

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