Fraenkel Gallery: Kota Ezawa

Kota Ezawa
May 9–12, 2024

Fraenkel Gallery and Ryan Lee Gallery are pleased to present a joint exhibition by Kota Ezawa at Independent New York. The presentation will feature a selection of light-boxes, collage, watercolor, sculpture, and animations based on found imagery from contemporary culture.

This exhibition marks the debut of Grand Princess, incorporating video animation and a vinyl wall installation. The piece depicts the arrival of a cruise ship into the San Francisco Bay in March 2020, carrying some of the first known American cases of COVID-19. Set against the picturesque landscape, the film distills these images into their most elemental forms, evoking the feelings of anxiety and alienation that marked the coming of a global pandemic.

Images in GIF by KOTA EZAWA:Grand Princess, 2024 (video still), single channel video, sound, and wall vinyl, duration 02:57; Lennon, 2011, paper collage; A Lady and Gentleman in Black, 2015, transparency in lightbox; Menschenmenge (Crowd) No 5, 2021 (detail), watercolor on paper.






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