CATHERINE OPIE: An Americana Image

July 3, 2024

Catherine Opie searches for an Americana image

From her hometown of Sandusky, Ohio, Catherine Opie wanders the streets with her camera, searching for what she calls “that fine art Americana image.” Touring sites from her childhood, Opie reflects on how her early experiences in Sandusky influenced her approach to photography.

“I grew up with all this American memorabilia around me as a kid, hanging in our house. I think that prevails through my work.” 

Watch the film.

IMAGE: Production still from the Extended Play film “Catherine Opie: Sandusky, Ohio.” © Art21, Inc. 2014.

Teaching with Contemporary Art
Channeling Rage into Artistic Action

"This is hell" carved into a textured wall.

“At this point in the school year, students are struggling to sustain focus on their inquiry and the long journey of investigating a single question. Artful complaining got them thinking about issues they care about and re-energized them to apply that momentum. Rage can be fuel for creativity and a catalyst for change.”

— Jess Perry-Martin

Read the article.
IMAGE: Carved rage in a colleague’s classroom. Courtesy of Jess Perry-Martin.






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